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Exchange EDB to PST Using EdbMails[edit]

EdbMails Exchange EDB to PST software is an effective solution for the conversion of Exchange mailboxes into PST file and also to recover the corrupted or damaged offline EDB files. It emerges to be an efficient solution against all kinds of Exchange errors. Recovers and converts Offline Exchange EDB to PST Recovers heavily corrupted Exchange mailboxes Recovers accidentally deleted Exchange mailboxes Provides complete preview of the Exchange mailbox items before conversion Supports conversion of Exchange EDB Mailboxes, Public Folders and Archive mailboxes to PST Supports to save Offline EDB in EML, MHT and HTML formats Recovers and exports entire mailbox items including emails, tasks, contacts, calendars, notes, journals, folders etc. Provides an option to split PST for large size EDB files Supports Selective Items / Folders / Mailbox to PST Keeps the exact EDB folder hierarchy in the PST Supports to convert EDB files of all language to PST format Lifetime license with a free software upgrade and 24/7 support Supports Exchange versions 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007and 2003

Branded Email signatures for Office 365[edit]

Handling email signatures for all users and devices is a time consuming one while considering large organizations. Sigsync Office 365 Email Signature service provides a centralized management of Email Signatures for Office 365 and Exchange users. It is a secure, cloud based email signature solution that allows you to create and manage companywide Office 365 email signatures for all the users.

Key features

Supports email signature across all the devices (Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile etc.) and email clients. Allows modifying the signatures by retrieving user details from Azure AD. Adds signatures under latest reply and forward mails. Supports signature in emails in the sent items folder. Allows adding company promotional products, services and events which helps in managing email signature campaign effortlessly. Adds Office 365 profile photos in your email signature Allows creating different signature templates using a simple drag and drop signature generator among the plenty of predefined email signature templates. Supports web analytics, Oneclick survey

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EdbMails O365 Migration[edit]

EdbMails Office 365 Migration is a simple solution that helps to perform migration of mailboxes between two office 365 tenants, from Office 365 to Exchange. It also supports Office 365 to hosted Exchange migration. The application supports Public folder and Archive mailbox migration. The software automatically maps the mailboxes between the source and target server and automatically creates mailboxes on the target server. EdbMails Office 365 Migration perfectly migrates all the mailbox items to target server without any data loss. It supports migration to Exchange versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 from Office 365.

EdbMails Office 365 migration features:

• Supports Automatic setting of impersonation rights to Office 365. • Maintains the source folder hierarchy on the target. • Supports Automatic reconnection during intermittent internet connection issues. • Supports Specific data items migration. • Supports cutover, staged and hybrid migration. • Easily handles Office 365 throttling. • Supports incremental migration with no duplicate data.

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Automated Office 365 Migration[edit]

EdbMails simplifies Office 365 Migration by automating the configuration and migration tasks. Effectively transfers the data between two Office 365 tenants. It allows you to migrate all the existing mailboxes, contacts and distribution groups, etc. from one Office 365 tenant to another. Its incremental migration feature avoids duplicates on the target mailbox.

Key Features & Advantages:

- It can perform as a single batch move that includes all of your mailboxes, contacts, and distribution group objects, etc. - Designed with multithreading which improves migration speed and saves lot of time. - Only the newly added items are migrated to your target server on consecutive incremental migrations which avoids duplicate items. - Seamlessly migrate your Public folder data to Office 365 with all sub-folders and folder permissions. - Easy to use user interface, automatic migration (without any Powershell commands) that reduces your time and resources. - Supported with easy to use GUI, No Powershell commands involved, which reduces your time and resources. - Automatically maps the source and target mailboxes for the migration operation. In addition, it allows you to manually change/map the target mailboxes. - Allows moving the recent data with date filter settings and the user can start working with recent emails. Later the rest can be migrated without any downtime.

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Office 365 Tenant Migration[edit]

EdbMails provides an Office 365 Tenant Migration utility to migrate mailboxes between O365 tenants. An intuitive, secure, and scalable solution for migrating Office 365 mailboxes. It performs the rapid data migration with privacy and control. EdbMails supports the migration of mailboxes, archive mailboxes, public folders, shared mailboxes, Office 365 Groups, Office 365 teams, SharePoint sites, and OneDrive for Businesses.

Office 365 migration Features

· Migrates mailboxes, Archive mailboxes, Public Folders, and Shared mailboxes · It Migrates Emails, Folders, Drafts, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Inbox, and Junk folders, etc., to your target server. · Supports Office 365 mailbox to Exchange server 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 migration · Supports incremental migration: Only the newly added items are migrated to your target server on consecutive migrations, avoiding duplicate items migration. · Automatically maps the source and target mailboxes for the migration operation. Also, it allows you to map the target mailboxes manually. · Allows to apply 'subject,' 'sent date,' 'received date,' 'attachment name,' 'from' and 'to' address-based filters for specific data migration. No Outlook dependency: Without installing Outlook on your computer, perform migrations from one Office 365 tenant to another, Office 365 to Exchange Server, and Office 365 to PST. Try “Free Trial version’ to verify the functionality of the software where you can perform mailbox,public folder, and archive mailbox, shared mailbox migration.

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IMAP to Office 365 migration[edit]

There are various tools available for the users to migrate mailboxes from source IMAP to office365 server. But, I recommend EdMails IMAP to office 365 Software particularly designed to work in multiple domains and allows the users to migrate IMAP to office365/ Exchange server effortlessly. The tool compatible with all IMAP email servers like Google mail - Gmail,,, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Mail Plus, Yahoo Mail UK, Yahoo Mail, Etc., both technical and non-technical can easily access this tool without any technical skill. The tool is well developed with some amazing features which can efficiently migrate all IMAP emails to office365. Competitor

Software features:- • Simple and user friendly Tool. • Migrate emails from all IMAP servers to Office 365 or Exchange Server. • Automatic mailbox mapping between IMAP to O365/ Exchange server. • Supports specific folders or emails migration from source IMAP to target server. • Supports incremental migration to avoid duplicate items migrations to the target server • Automatic mailbox mapping to the destination server. • Migration includes personal, archive, shared and public folders.

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Office 365 Mailbox Migration[edit]

EdbMails Office 365 migration is the most worthy for all migration scenarios, unlike the complex and time consuming manual methods. There will be no migration risks using this software. You can migrate your source mailbox data to the target server safely and securely.

Within a few clicks you can initiate the migration process. Just connect the source and target server with the proper credentials. The tool handles the rest with ease of user interface. No need to intervene any manual commands to perform the migration process.


· You can migrate desired folders or mailbox items including emails, tasks, calendars, notes, journals, junk mails etc. of your choice with no data loss and business disruption.

· EdbMails Office 365 migration solution directly migrates public folders to another Office 365/Exchange server securely without any restrictions. Exactly replicates the data that you have migrated from the source server to the destination server without any duplication of items on consecutive migration on the same system. And you can also migrate Archive mailboxes and shared mailboxes between the source and the target servers.

· EdbMails Office 365 Migration software supports all languages including non-English Unicode characters, and special characters also.

· EdbMails Office 365 migration software sets the impersonation rights automatically to source as well as target servers. The tool maps the mailboxes between source and target servers automatically. This automation saves a lot of your time and effort.

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An ideal solution for Office 365 Mailbox Migration[edit]

Many organizations around the world are getting benefited from Microsoft Office 365 services. This cloud-based email solution has enabled businesses with the utmost productivity. Often the need arises for Office 365 to Office 365 Migration. For this, essential Office 365 mailbox / documents need to be migrated. As Office 365 related processes are complex, most users do not know how to migrate mailbox from one Office 365 account to another one. This issue will be resolved now with EdbMails Office 365 mailboxes migration.

EdbMails Office 365 Migration has the ability to migrate emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks of one Office 365 account to another. Even if the data export is between different Office 365 domains, this application can perform it easily. Users can also select specific folders only to migrate as this tool allows Office 365 selective data transfer. In a nutshell, it is an ideal solution for Office 365 Mailbox Migration.

Some of the highlighted features are:

Migrates all items between Office 365 tenants Exports data between different Office 365 Domains Selective data migration using “Date Filter” Incremental migration if you pause and resume migration between the same mailboxes.

Conclusion: If you are looking for Office 365 mailbox migration, this is the right migration tool for you. This tool ensures smooth migration between Office 365 Mailboxes.

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Email Signature management for Office 365[edit]

Sigsync Email signature management for Office 365 provides a complete control over the company wide email signature. It helps to raise company brand, to be compliant. It is a web based email signature solution and ensures the full security over your email signature process.

Feature rich email signature solution Sigsync provides various predefined signature templates as per your business needs.From multiple email signature templates and personalised legal disclaimers to banner campaign targeting, real-time click-alerts and dedicated account managers, Rocketseed is packed with feature functionality to deliver effective Office 365 Email Signature management and marketing.

Secured email signature service Sigsync is a highly secured email signature service as it follows Microsoft guideline for email flow. It is an ISO 27001:2013 certified email signature service. Sigsync uses Oath 2.0 secured authentication with TLS to create seamless registration and integration. It also supports Multi Factor Authentication as an additional security.

Drag and drop Signature generator Sigsync signature generator helps to create professional HTML signatures. It is a WYSIWYG Signature generator and automatically handles the entire HTML while you place design components such as Section, Text, Social media etc., for your signature.

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Secure Office 365 migration software[edit]

Data security is the high priority aspect for all the organizations during migration from one environment to other. It should not engage other third party tools for the access of the valuable data.

Secure Office 365 migration solution:

EdbMails Office 365 Migration is a secure migration solution which meets all the security standards that are essential for the migration operation. The software follows Information Security Management Standards ISO 27001 certification which assures you the whole migration process is highly secured. It utilizes OAuth 2.0 secured authentication for the software registration. Your Office 365 credentials will not be stored at any point of time as the software uses access tokens issued by Microsoft's Office 365 API to setup the mail flow in Office 365 tenant. EdbMails Office 365 migration also supports Multi Factor Authentication as an additional security for user login.

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